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Three Cranes Grove, ADF, would like to invite you to celebrate the Feast of Summer Solstice on Sunday, June 26th at the Live Arts Stage at ComFest! Directions may be found below.

This will be an morning event. There will be a social hour beginning at 9:30 AM, and the ritual will begin at 10 AM. If you cannot find the booth, feel free to meet us at the Live Arts Stage, which is in the Northeast corner of the park.

We hope to see you at this public ritual! Please contact us if you have questions. [Coming to our ritual for the first time?]

The address of ComFest is: 120 W Goodale St, Columbus, OH 43215

The only parking available is street parking: while it is generally plentiful early on Sunday morning, please do follow the parking signs. We will meet at the Three Cranes booth at 9:00, and process to the Live Arts stage at 9:30. The booth is typically located near Poplar and Park streets, where the red flag is on the map below:

click for a larger map

Three Cranes is also doing a number of other events, meeting the 1st through 4th Thursday of every month, engaging in study along the Druid's Path. Meetings involve Druidic training, liturgical work, and plant lore. Please see our Calendar or join our announcements list for more information, including locations and times!

Please Contact Us for more information.

Three Cranes Grove, ADF
P.O. Box 3264
Columbus, OH 43210

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You may also sign up for various ADF lists on the ADF site.
Three Cranes is located in the Heartland Region of ADF, and signing up for that list will allow you to receive email or events all over our region.

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