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Donations and Dues Payment

All donations made to Three Cranes Grove, ADF, go toward ritual space rental, ritual supplies, or community service initiatives. All of these initiatives are very important to us, and they benefit a wide variety of idnividuals and groups within Central Ohio and beyond. Thank you in advance for supporting public ritual and service in Central Ohio!

Regular Donations

In order to make a one-time donation to Three Cranes Grove, ADF, please click the button below:

One Time Donation

In order to make a recurring donation to Three Cranes Grove, ADF, please choose from the options below and click the "subscribe" button:

Automatic Donation Options

High Day Ritual Sponsorship

Also, you can also sponsor a High Day Ritual by providing a donation that will cover the cost of our site and help to make our rituals accessible to the general public. As we often say: religion is free, the site rental generally is not. Ritual site sponsorship is $120.

Sponsor a High Day Site ($120)


Members may also pay their dues via this page. To pay dues to Three Cranes Grove, ADF, use the following options:

Friend of the Grove Dues ($31/year)
Grove Membership Dues, Upgrade from FoG ($31)
Grove Membership Dues, ½ year ($31/6 months)
Grove Membership Dues, 1 year ($61/year)

And thank you for donating!


We also accept donations via check at our events, or at our PO Box:

Three Cranes Grove, ADF
P.O. Box 3264
Columbus, OH 43210

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