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Business Meeting Minutes


In attendance were: Mike, Jenni, Jim, Leesa, and Judi


For community service this quarter, 18 gifts were donated and
given to Toys For Tots.

Due to the resignation of Lu as pursewarden, nominations were
taken through the end of the year for a replacement.  Only one
was received, and voting for approval of Jenni as new Grove
Pursewarden will begin following the posting of these minutes.

Jim discussed (and did a rough sketch of) his tentative design
ideas for a Grove logo, which he will present at the next Grove
business meeting in February.

Judi will be calling Parks and Recreation to inquire about
reserving a meeting place for Imbolc and about volunteering
opportunities within the parks for our next community service.

Community service for the next two quarters is tentatively as

   Imbolc to Beltaine: volunteering in a Metro Park
   Beltaine to Lughnassad: volunteering at Comfest

Mike tentatively proposed a Grove Lughnassad weekend getaway.

Lori has found her schedule to be busy, and will not be able to
host the proposed Grove Sumbel/Welcoming ritual at her house. 
It has been re-proposed that we find a cabin in Hocking Hills
and have it there.  The following weekends have been put forth
for voting (and it should be noted that the primary Welcoming
ritual would be the second night, just most cabins require two
day reservations, so for those that are interested in staying
two nights, that would be available):
   January 16-18 (having the advantage that the 19th is MLK day,
and a holiday from work for some)
   February 6-8
   February 20-22
   February 27-29

Omens from the Saturnalia ritual were (in order): Pan, The
Fates, and Heracles.

A DP study group will be held once a month, two weeks after the
business meeting.  The first one will be 25 January at Jenni's
house.  Topics will be three of the nine virtues (wisdom, piety,
and vision), the three upcoming High Days (Imbolc, Vernal
Equinox, and Beltaine), and the three most recent rituals
(Autumnal Equinox, Samhain, and Winter Solstice).  The next one
will be 22 February, location to be determined.

Jenni has proposed that we add a piacular (I may have misspelled
that) offering to the ritual.  This was generally accepted and
will be incorporated into the next ritual.

We will be updating the member database on the YahooGroups page.
 If you don't want your address or telephone number put there,
please let Judi know.

In an effort to raise funds for the Grove, various non-intrusive
fund raisers were proposed.  The E-scrip program sounded
promising and will be researched.

Judi Nielsen
Three Cranes Scribe

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