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Business Meeting Minutes


In attendance were: Mike, Meghan, Leesa, Jim, Jenni, and Judi
Meeting was held at the residence of Jenni.

-Jim gave an overview of how the Soulstice ritual development is
coming along.
   * music choices were reviewed
   * issue of bringing up dead vs. still living musician's names
in  the Ancestor invocation was discussed

-Three Cranes will be sending a contingent to the Black Bear
solstice ritual on the 20th.
   * Mike, Jenni, and Judi will be going in Mike's car
   * others are welcome to come, but will need to provide own
transport as Mike's car is full (we're providing door to door
kitty delivery)

-Judi is having her annual 4th of July party and all are
invited.  It is on the actual 4th (as opposed to other years
where it hovers around the 4th) and will be at her cabin in SE
Ohio.  Starting time is 4:30ish.  Directions available upon

-The idea of camping out as a Grove the night before the
Lughnassad ritual was presented.  Possible locations were
   * locations near our more Northerly members was preferred,
since they normally have to drive a ways for ritual
   * second choice would be to have the camping at my cabin in
SE Ohio

-park cleanup (community service for this quarter) will be this
Saturday, the 19th, at 9am at Clinton/Como park (which happens
to be right off the #2 bus line for those who use the buses). 
Judi has gloves for those that need them.

-Solstice ritual will be at 5:30 on Sunday, 27 June at Blacklick
park.  We are not reserving a shelter, in the interests of
keeping the Grove in the black financially speaking, and will
instead just be attempting to nab one of the non-reservables.

-Lughnassad will be on Sunday, 1 August.  The location has yet
to be determined, as it will hopefully be at the same place or
near to where we campout the night before.

-Jenni proposed having a Unity rite incorporated into our Fall
Equinox ritual as it is our inception anniversary rite.  She
will be checking into acquisition of the Unity cauldron for such

-DP study group is on summer hiatus until September 12th.

-We are going to try to have more Grove social activities,
usually on Friday nights.  If you have any proposals for such
activities, please forward them to Judi.

-We have one new member since the last meeting: Meghan.  Welcome

-Expired ADF members are: Lilith and Lori.


Three Cranes Scribe

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