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Business Meeting Minutes


Meeting was held on the 7th of November at Cup O' Joe in 

In attendance were: Mike, Anne, John, Jim, Jenni, Lori, Laurie,
and Judi

Samhain recap:
  -a suggestion of having a sign-up sheet for Praise Offerings
    was forwarded
  -modifications for accommodating larger groups was mentioned
    -increased altar size, luminaries, etc

Saturnalia details:
  -will be held at Jenni's place on Saturday, December 18th
  -no alcohol for those under 21, but for all else who imbibe   
    they must have a Designated Driver or plan on staying over
  -carpool please, parking is limited
  -no burnt offerings excepting a limited amount of incense
  -Jenni will compile a list of ritual supplies needed
  -potluck to follow as usual
  -Toys for Tots (tatas?) donations accepted and possible gift
    exchange like last year

Imbolc details:
  -will be held at Judi's cabin in SE Ohio with a social at 1
    followed by rite at 2 on Sunday, February 6th
  -carpooling is recommended
  -we will possibly be making Brigid's crosses on Jan. 20th

Equinox details:
  -will be held on the 20th of March, location and time to be

Grove growth ideas were discussed.  Outreach committee will be 
  organizing a meeting to work on the ideas.  Ideas included:
  press releases to the various papers besides just the Dispatch
  like SNP and Columbus Alive, pamphlets at various pagan and
  pagan-friendly stores, and posters

Pursewarden report:
  -Balance should be $506.57 (Office had just be transitioned so
    up to date balance was not immediately confirmable)
  -$145 in dues had been collected including $15 from Meghan for

    her ADF dues
  -$21 in donations from Samhain rite

Jenni has turned over Pursewarden duties to Jim

Scribe report:
  -we had 33 in attendance at Samhain
  -runes were Wunjo, Isa, and Ehwaz

Liturgy meetings are starting:
  -December 2nd at 7 pm at Jenni's house
  -January 20th at 7 pm (which will include the making of the
    Brigid's Crosses) at Jim and Leesa's house

Judi will be mailing out the Crane Chatter newsletter after her
  return from England

The Heartland Woman's Retreat is this coming weekend in Blue
Ash, Ohio

Community Service:
  -Park Cleanup on November 7th; Mike, Anne, and Kevin were
Upcoming Community Service:
  -Toys for Tots (tatas?) at Saturnalia

Mike discussed liturgy and requested that anyone in the Grove
  who feels so inclined may suggest/do rewrites of sections

Restarting DP study group was again discussed and no consensus
  was reached

  -Our CafePress site

Next business meeting will be on the 5th of December at 5:30
  (for food)/6:00 (for meeting) at the Donatos at the corner of
  Zollinger and Northwest

-Judi Nielsen
Three Cranes Scribe

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